Summer 2022

Last bell.
A shiver comes with us, a long wait.The wish to meet again those eyes.
Those lips, which for the first time made us struggle with love.The detailed, scientific, packing of luggage, suitcases, cars.
A mechanical repetition: every year the same day, the same time.
Then walls smelling of salt, and grains of sand left scattered to remind us of what we have already experienced.
The commitment to love, to be happy, to live our fifteen most beautiful days of the year, living without thinking of what the return will put before us.
The season of love is the time of dancing rags.
In the scorching August sun, a fading memory of a crowded beach, an ice cream consumed by the will to live.
The editorial campaign was shot among the rocks of Calafuria by photographer Giulia Bersani.
Ima and Giulio posed barefoot in the sandstone amphitheater where sun, sky, water and earth embrace each other cradled by the west winds coming in from the sea.