About Us

Our mission: to recover from the past to protect the future.
BENNU reclaims sartorial garments from deadstock with the commitment to reduce the pollution caused by the new production.
Each garment is made into a unique numbered piece, sartorially reinterpreted. The seams on view represent the beginning of a new life.
Our responsible vision
Fighting the seasonality and frenetic rhythms of fast fashion, BENNU adopts a slow approach, with exclusive collections characterized by a limited number of garments.
BENNU is committed to recovering production waste and to reuse it in the process that leads to the reinterpretation and subsequent manufacturing of garments. The control and selection of the supply chain ensures respect for the environment and the workers involved.
Manifesto for gender identity and expression
What BENNU wants to express can be enclosed in a passage by Foucault, where gender is indicated as a fluid variable that changes and modifies itself in different contexts and eras. 
We want to be the protagonists of a contemporary non-binary universe, a conscious universe in which anyone who wears our clothes can feel part of the process of change that is characterizing our today.
The brand is therefore not bound to the concept of gender, just as it has been cleared of the concept of size: this allows anyone to recognize themselves in a product without having to first apply filters or other pre-set categorizations.
The name
BENNU owes its name to the bennu, a bird of Egyptian mythology consecrated to the god Ra, symbol of rebirth, then identified in classical culture with the phoenix rising from its own ashes, the founding concept of the brand.